Wills & power of attorney


If you do not have a will, call Wes to help you establish a will.  This is a process that is easy and will take a load of stress off your mind.  Make sure you decide now how you want to distribute your estate, so it will not become an issue upon your death.  This will allow your loved ones to make sure your wishes are met.  Call now to set a consultation with our attorney to discuss your options.

Power of Attorney

If you need a power of attorney, we can help you.  Sometimes it is necessary to establish a power of attorney for a number of reasons.  Many times, individuals are working out of town and need someone to help them with business affairs while they are gone.  Other times, people need a power of attorney because they are no longer able to handle all of their business on their own.  A power of attorney allows you to decide who gets to help you with your affairs.  A power of attorney is also revocable in the event you no longer need the help.  

Call us today to set a consultation for any of your estate needs.  

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