Family Law

The area of family law consists of a number of different cases.  Each of these cases involve various topics and problems associated with being a parent.  Some of the various types of family law cases include:

Dissolution Cases

These cases are sometimes referred to in some states as divorce cases.  Here in Florida, we have Dissolution of Marriage cases.  In these cases, at least one of the parties believes their marriage is broken and they want the marriage dissolved.

Paternity Cases

Under Florida law, in a relationship where a child born to unmarried people, the Mother is the only legal parent.  The Father must initiate a paternity action to establish his legal status and rights to the child.  If you have had a child and you are not married to the other parent, a paternity action may be in your best interest. 

Child Support

Pursuant to Florida Law, parents must provide support for minor children.  This can become a complicated issue, and often requires a significant amount of paperwork. 


In many cases,  people wish to adopt children.  This is an incredible type of case to help people with.  If you are considering adoption, let us help guide you through the process.


Sometimes, a judgment or agreement is no longer working out.  If you need to amend your previous agreement or judgment, you may be looking to file a modification. 

If you need help with any of these areas, give us a call so we can schedule you a consultation today!  

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